[OPINION] Found and Lost in Translation

[OPINION] Found and Lost in Translation

Many people over the years in the Toku fandom have argued about translational choices and the various styles that groups use for their subs. In my opinion, it’s all a matter of what you choose to translate or not translate, not that you do one or the other.

The most accepted “non-translations” are proper nouns when it comes to names of people, groups, and mechs that don’t have a Romanized name…

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Energemic! Power Rangers Dino Charged Up!

Energemic! Power Rangers Dino Charged Up!

The upcoming installment of the Power Rangers franchise, Power Rangers Dino Charge, is set to have 22 22-minute episodes in its first season, and is a “boys [sic] action” show, according to WorldScreen.com. The site also posted a summary of the show itself:

A new team of Power Rangers must find ancient Energems and use their Dino Chargers to power an arsenal of dino-fueled weapons, zords and…

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Power Rangers Reloaded

Chloë Grace Mortez has recently stated in an interview that she has not been contacted to appear in the upcoming 2016 Power Rangersfilm. Given that she has not been contacted, it is clear that she has not yet been cast as the Pink Ranger at this point in time, if it all. Mortez states “I keep hearing these reports that I’m apparently starring in a movie with Liam Hemsworth…which is cool, but I…

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Matt Austin (Bridge, SPD) on the set of Pretend We’re Kissing.

Matt Austin (Bridge, SPD) on the set of Pretend We’re Kissing.

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GoGo Sentai Boukenger: Debut Premiere Announcement!
30th Anniversary Super Sentai Gathering!!

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We want to do a video show here on SentaiRangers.com and we want to know what you think it should be about!

We want to do a video show here on SentaiRangers.com and we want to know what you think it should be about!

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Power Rangers III: the Search for Plot

Power Rangers III: the Search for Plot

Roberto Orci has left his role as executive producer of the upcoming Power Rangers film due to a directorial obligation for Star Trek 3. Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz of X-Men: First Class and Thorwill remain on the project as writers, and Haim Saban, Brian Casentini, and Allison Shearmur remain in their producer roles. Lionsgate executives Eric Feig and Jim Miller will join the project on behalf…

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Power Rangers Student Academy Force

Power Rangers Student Academy Force

The Florida Rangers Coalitionhas actively been volunteering in their community dressed as Power Rangers to bring the franchise closer to children and their parents. This group of high school-aged Floridians actively bring the caring, friendship, and teamwork so integral to the franchise to the community at large by appearing as the Rangers at community events. Now you have the opportunity to do…

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Super Sentai SUPER Battle Base

Super Sentai SUPER Battle Base

Super Sentai Battle Base DX will be coming on September 10, 2014 to the Google Play and iTunes Stores. Battle Base DX is the sequel to last year’s Super Sentai Battle Base, and both games are exclusive to Android Devices and iOS.

Battle Base DX includes updated features, gameplay, and graphics. The heroes of Ressha Sentai ToQger join the veterans of the Super Sentaifranchise in a 3D real time…

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Power Rangers Dino Charge: Kiwi Armed On

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Kiwi Armed On

Power Rangers Dino Chargewill begin filming in Auckland, New Zealand later this year. While it was previously reported that the show would simply film ‘abroad,’ we now have full confirmation that not only will New Zealand be the filming location for ten consecutive seasons of Power Rangers, but also the home country of one of the Dino Charge Rangers (the character, not the actor). It is important…

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