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The “Shapes” morphs.

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Supercharging Up for Power Rangers Dino Charge

Supercharging Up for Power Rangers Dino Charge

Casting for Power Rangers Dino Charge begins today, April 8th, 2014!

Iris Hampton remains in her role as casting director for Dino Charge, and auditions are being held in Los Angeles. As always, prospective talent has been asked to park on the street.

In a departure from the casting process for Power Rangers Megaforce, the casting sides for Dino Chargeare merely a scene between two people: Kyle…

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The Key to Victory

The Key to Victory

Over the last month, Saban ran the Morphin Madness promotion at MorphinMadness.com. The five winning rangers have been announced:

  • Phantom Ranger
  • White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
  • Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger
  • Titanium Ranger
  • Pink Time Force Ranger

These five rangers were drawn from an initial pool of 40, with half of the rangers being voted off weekly. Participants in the promotion entered for…

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the sixth ranger motto

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power rangers 30 day challenge
day five → least favorite mentor
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Once again, the franchise honors April Fools Day by posting fake ads for shit I’d actually buy. 

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